You cannot save your game in the usual way, saving takes place through visiting one of the many Menhir scattered across Hiraeth.

Saving at a Menhir will cause your character to be reborn there upon each death after you have been marked by Sirien or Selistrana.

Menhir are usually closely spaced enough that it isn't too much of an ass-pain to corpserun from them.

When you die you will come back as a Shade at the nearest activated Menhir. You have increased speed, automatic scaling of usually un-scale-able objects and terrain like cliffs, and you will glide off of high drops instead of falling. You can still interact with the world in Shade form and can even take the opportunity to haunt people if you wish.

Your Shade form will differ depending on your Purity or Corruption, and death has its own role in the story / gameplay. You will lose Anima with each death, weakening your connection to Sirien or Selistrana depending, and stopping you from unlocking one of the most important powers in the game. A High Anima is required to unlock a Neutral ability which unlocks an area required to finish the main questline. Corruption or Purity does not matter for this one ability and it sits in the center of the progression trees.

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