Feyrene is a rare substance derived from Aria plants, the extraction process is laborious and time intensive, but the products are worth it.

Feyfire is a health regenerating liquid distilled from liquid Feyrene and mixed with a Fire Heart from a Cinderbee hive. It burns to drink but quickly heals many wounds except the most severe. Fire Hearts sit at the core of a Cinderbee hive and must be cultivated over time.

A Flask of Feyfire is gifted to you early on in the game by Asher who uses it to heal the wounds you sustain at the hands of Sirien's Lieutenants. It becomes one of the most important items in your inventory, and a large part of the flow of gameplay depends upon how much Feyfire you have on you. The Flask is hooked to your character's belt and is relatively large, large enough to be clearly visible to the player. It glows a red-gold like the ember of a fire, and has a limited capacity. However it is the only vessel capable of containing Feyfire as it burns any non living material. Augurs of old discovered that imbuing an Aurum flask with an aspect of spirit would allow it to contain the liquid. At first it can only hold 3 charges of Feyfire. There are two more Aurum flasks in the world to find, one which holds 6 charges, and another which holds 9, giving you a total of 18 charges when you have all three.

Enemy attacks are very telegraphed but also very dangerous. If you take a hit it means you will very likely need to use a Feyfire charge unless it was a glancing blow. Feyfire is expensive and rare, making it highly coveted by the player, and giving the player a high incentive not to get hit in combat, increasing tension and putting pressure on the player to develop their combat skills. The combat should be highly skill based for this exact reason. Taking low damage because you are geared properly gives no incentive to dodge, parry or block. High risk, high reward combat. High damage from both the player and the enemies. Timing, blocking, parrying, dodging, etc are all more important than gear. But cool loot drops often have other interesting abilities and utilities.

Feyfire can be refilled at any Menhir, as there are pools of Feyrene around each one. The Fire Heart in the flask will convert the Feyrene into Feyfire.

Aurum and Arca, Aurum contains and Arca transmits.

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