Development Plan & Milestones

Goals after arrival home from Sweden:

2017 / 2018 by next planting season / Sweden retreat, strikethrough when completed & update

  • Buy new PC
  • Buy new Laptop
  • Buy Cintiq
  • Take full course on Coding
  • Play around with Unreal Engine 4 through RPG Tutorial series
  • Investigate Kickstarter platform / options
  • Develop Digital Painting skills through repetition, watching Gumroads, painting from references, copy styles. German masters, Leyendecker, Jamie Jones, Maciej, Eytan, etc.
  • Flesh out visual style of world and organize all existing notes, thinking specifically about how everything thematically fits together. Really define the aesthetic and narrative tone of the world as a foundation for future work.
  • Finish Hiraeth portion of World Map from Dragon's Breath Plateau to Ennagarde, from Scalara to The Dragon's Mouth.
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