Characters are categorized into Bronze, Silver and Gold. This is indicated by the ring around their character portrait in conversations or their categorization in the Codex.

Legendary Characters

Gold Characters

Unique individuals with names and appearances of their own. Major players in main quests, famous heroes, outlaws, deities, etc. Hand crafted personalities, quirks, actions, schedules, dialogue, etc. Gold quests, aka the main questline and other high level side quests involve these characters.

Silver Characters

Unique individuals with names and appearances of their own. Shop owners, innkeepers, game masters, smiths, town mayors, village idiots, jesters, bandit leaders, assassins, warriors, etc. Characters with specific professions and who serve a particular role within the world. Some aspects of their schedules are quite fixed, but they will also have unique personalities and appearances. Silver quests are given by them and they are involved in them.

Bronze Characters

Procedurally generated characters who make up about 2/3 of the game’s population. They live in the world going about their daily schedules, buying and selling, trading, drinking, sleeping, working, etc. They have procedurally generated names depending on race, region, profession, etc. Foot soldiers, drunkards, sawmill workers, miners, fishermen, hunters, etc. They can also be interacted with but to a lesser extent and their personalities will be procedurally generated as opposed to unique.

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